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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tying Online Marketing with Print Marketing and Word of Mouth

While online marketing is widely considered the best money spent from your marketing budget, don't discount the importance of other forms of marketing as well. The value of well planned print marketing materials and word of mouth can be a major factor in the success of your online marketing!

Think of all the people you come in contact with everyday. They may be customers/clients, friends, family or the guy sitting next to you on the subway. The point is, all of these people have the potential to be a marketing vehicle for you. All of these people can also help drive traffic to your website!

Talking with people about what you do and what they do is a great way to benefit your business. You may also discover you can be a client of someone else too! The benefits of not having your head buried in the newspaper on your commute home don't stop at business. You might find a more personal satisfaction in connecting with more people as well!

What's even better than just establishing a connection with another person? Having something to reinforce that potential business relationship you've just built. Things like business cards, brochures or handouts are a great thing to carry in your briefcase or binder. You never know who can benefit from your product or services. It may be your new bus riding companion or a friend of his friend's.

Whatever material works best for your business, make sure to tie in the same ideas and themes you use in your website. (Most people know this as branding!) And make sure your web address is on everything you hand out! The web is your opportunity to share the most in-depth information about you and your business! Make sure you're taking full advantage of the many ways to bring people your message!

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