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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Online Marketing Tools:

We're starting a series of posts this week regarding free online marketing tools. You can get at least a general idea of how your site is performing without paying the big bucks to do it!

However, if you want to get an exact update on your websites performance, you should be prepared to pay something!

Our first tool this week is This tool gives you a rough idea of how many page views your website is getting. You can also compare your website traffic with other websites (perhaps competitors?).

While we have found this tool to be a bit unreliable when we compared it with our own statistics, it did give a fairly accurate description of the traffic trends. It was pretty consistent in letting us know when we had good months or bad months with traffic, although the numbers were not as accurate as they could be.

The free level of compete. com will also tell you the top keywords you're appearing for. (You can get more, but you have to pay!) This will give you a little idea of how people are getting to your site through search engines.

Check it out for yourself: Remember, it's not the most accurate tool, but can still be useful.

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