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Monday, April 7, 2008

Online Marketing Tools:

Keywords are often you're ticket to online visibility. How do you know what keywords you should be using? may have the answers you're looking for!

SEO and SEM have become a huge part of bringing people to your website. They focus on keywords and what words your website uses in tags, links, descriptions and content. Finding out which keywords you're showing up for, and which keywords your competitors are showing up for can give you a big advantage in your quest for increased visibility. is a free (unless you want the advanced version) tool you can use to discover which words any website is using to get listed on the search engines. It will give you organic search results as well as those words being used for paid listings. This tool also gives you a good idea of search engine placement for each keyword listed for every website.

Like most other online marketing tools, be prepared to spend some money if you want a more advanced version of the data. We have found plenty of use for the free version when researching things for our clients. If nothing else, this tool can be used as a great way to generate some new keyword ideas for your marketing.

Check it out for yourself at!

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KeywordSpy said...

well keyword spy is nice software. It got huge databse.