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Thursday, January 31, 2008

What to expect from an SEO Services Provider

SEO marketig typically delivers a much higher rate of success than any other advertising medium. It's also more cost effective. So how can your company else take advantage of search engine optimization?

SEO enables you to reach a larger audience than any other medium including radio, sign-age, print ads and even television. It is also much less expensive in the long run than those same mediums. You should not have to subscribe to the services of an SEO provider. It's a fee for a service and once that service is complete, everything should continue to work.

It's like hiring a plumber. If you have a leaky pipe, you pay for a plumber's services once and the leak is fixed (for a good while anyway). You don't pay him $400/month to keep your pipe from leaking.

How can we say SEO is better than the other methods of advertising? Because it's measurable. With a good website statistics package you should be able to tell where your visitors are coming from, what they're doing on your website, and when they're leaving. You have no idea who's seeing your ads in other forms of advertising.

SEO also responds well to other forms of internet marketing. If you've got an e-newsletter, a blog or a social network marketing campaign, your SEO results typically increase dramatically.

So what does it cost? You should expect a good SEO package to start at around $5,000. Anything too far below that and I would question the results you'll get. That might seem expensive, but when considering a marketing cost, I always try to think like this: "How much is a client worth to me, and how much am I willing to pay to acquire a client?" AND "What if I could potentially reach thousands of interested clients per day?"

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