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Monday, February 4, 2008

Add Video to a Webpage? Think Twice!

Putting a video viewer on a website on a website may actually detract from your visitor-to-client conversion rate. Websites with videos may seem to be everywhere, but is online video advertising really helping your business?

Website animation is a very touchy subjects for a lot of areas especially if you're a b2b company. Depending on how you utilize your video, you may be drawing attention away from the message you want to convey to your audience.

If you've ever tried to hold a conversation with a male in a room with a TV on, you know it's nearly impossible to keep him entirely focused on you and your message. Putting a video viewer on a website can have a very similar effect.

The reason for this with males is simple. As a species, we've been genetically hard wired to pay attention to things that move. In our earliest forms (whatever that means to you), if we saw something move, as a male we had only two thoughts: Is it something I can eat? OR Is it something that's going to eat me?

The end result: As males, our attention is always drawn to motion no matter what situation we're in. That includes any video added to a website.

The Remedy: Use video sparingly and with purpose! Just like you've developed the rest of your website with primary and secondary goals, do the same with your online video or website animations. Giving your audience the ability to choose whether they watch the video or not can be an effective way to use this tool.

Whatever you do, keep your online animation and videos minimal. If you must have them, have them run once, or give your audience a choice. Constant motion will only detract from your message.


Hamster said...

Your argument is that males are drawn to movement
Hence having moving videos on your website that sell your product should actually draw him to watch your videos
Here's some examples of how businesses are using video on the internet
I think online web videos either in ads or informational videos on company
websites is going to be the next big marketing move by businesses

Market Master said...

Good point Hamster. As long as your use of online video marketing supports the overall goal of your website, it can be an effective tool.

My point was simply to remind those considering adding video to their websites that they shouldn't add video just for the sake of having video. If you've taken the time to come up with an effective video it can be a great compliment to your website, just like you've indicated.

Thanks for the link!