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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Make Money from your Website? Might not be such a Great Idea!

Yes, you can use your website to make money while doing virtually nothing. But be careful, what seems like free money might actually come at a higher cost than you think!

Anyone with a website has the ability to publish ads on it and make money. It could be a corporate deal or it might be with another online tool. One of the most popular programs used for making a profit with your website is Google's Adsense.

This is a totally legitimate practice, and people use it all the time. You pay taxes on your earnings , and the money can be deposited right into your bank account.

With this program you can actually choose the size, colors and placement for ads to other web destinations on your website. If you look to the right, you will see an Adsense ad on this web page. (Yes it's true, someone is making money if you click on that ad... Not much, but a couple pennies.)

That sounds like a sweet deal, but you might actually be the loser if you're trying to use your website to convert visitors to clients... which should be the goal of every businesses website!

You see, while you may have just made a buck on that click, the person that was at your website has now gone to someone else's. I'm willing to bet for most of us, that potential client that just got distracted somewhere else is worth a whole lot more than $1.

What may be even worse is this: Because the Google Adsense program tries to match the ads to be complimentary to your website content for a better click rate, that visitor may have gotten sent to one of your competitors who offers similar products and has a pay-per-click campaign.

You'll notice a lot of the Adsense ads on this website usually have something to do with some part of internet marketing. If I was trying to sell my own internet marketing services from this website, sending them to somewhere else would be terrible for me even if I did make a buck!

There are tools that enable you to block certain websites from advertising on yours, however I would still be wary of sending a potential buyer elsewhere before they were able to become a client of my own!

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