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Friday, February 15, 2008

Buy More than One Domain Name for your Site

When creating a website for your business, it's beneficial to register more than one domain name. It prevents other people from scooping up those similar names and using them for their own sites, which could possibly take business from you!

Let me give you an example: Your business is Surf Shirt... Your website address is Anyone else could register the name,, etc.

You get the idea. This could really hurt your business if the people operating those website with similar names offer similar products. It could really hurt when someone thinks they're at your site, but they're really at someone else's, and they have a bad experience. Now they have a bad impression of when they thought they were at

And trust me... when people have a bad experience, word travels extremely fast!

To avoid this problem, the easiest solution is to register those similar domain names when registering for the one you wish to use. Just because you register a domain name doesn't mean you have to do anything with it.

My suggestion for each of those similar domain names you purchase is to put up a page saying "You must have been looking for Click here to get there." Or something to that effect. By doing so, you allow yourself to capture visitors who type in similar addresses or use a common misspelling.

For the very small investment of registering a domain name, it won't take many additional sales to cover your costs! Check out domain name availability here.

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